Tetanus - symptoms and treatment

The incubation period is within 3 to 20 days, which is directly dependent on what is the distance from the wound to the head. That is, the smaller is this distance, the faster the symptoms develop.

Still early days began feeling tingling and burning in the wound site. Once the toxin reaches the brain, it affects the locations of the transmit pulse and leads to seizures that are of different duration and strength.

It also affects the autonomic nervous system, and therefore begin changes in heart rate, blood pressure. There are also facial flushing and sweating.

At the beginning appears spasm of masticatory muscles, then cover in low-lying muscle groups - the body and limbs. Characteristically, the rapid evolution of symptoms portends a poor prognosis.

What's the treatment and prevention?

For removal of the source of the toxin is needed treat the wound. Is in deep cutting of affected tissues to health. Moreover placed tetanus toxoid in the muscle of the arm.

There is no specific preventive vaccine, which is set in the immunization calendar. It follows a specific pattern to 17 years of age. Then 25 years old and above receive the vaccine every 10 years.

Newborns receive passive immunity of mothers who have been immunized. But its effect is limited gradually for several months.
Immunity against tetanus is perishable, so suffered must make immunizations and boosters. In animal bites persons must also make immunization scheme.